Chief Editor and Editors assume an essential part in keeping up gauges of journal through exhaustive peer review process. Editors ought to verify that every one of the articles must adhere to AccexGate Journals’ ethics. Editors must be unprejudiced with submitted manuscripts irrespective of authors religion, geographical location, believes or social class.

Obligations and Guidelines of the Editors

In the wake of getting manuscripts from authors, Editorial office doles out the composition to a supervisor to audit the composition. Papers would be allocated to Editor taking into account his ability and examination interest. Editor’s part is to appoint two reviewers to give audit remarks. In certain instances where a supervisor is not accessible, the article office doles out the paper to the editorial manager. Editors should adhere to the time-lapse given as regards peer preview process for submitted manuscripts. Editor needs to regulate the whole review process because editors are the spine for the survival of the Journal. We would welcome our editors to propose to us new considerations and thoughts for the headway of the Journal. Editors need to guarantee the security of individual information and protect the authors interest