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Profile of Veritas University, Abuja

It was founded by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria through a resolution given at its March 2002 meeting in Abuja. The initiative came from the Bishops’ quest for a University that would provide high quality tertiary education according to the noble tradition of the Catholic Church.

The University emphasizes strong moral values, self-reliance and the development of the students’ entrepreneurial capabilities for the social and economic benefits of the graduates and the Nigerian society. This is an appropriate response to Pope John Paul II’s call for Catholic Universities to be instruments for the educational advancement of the people of God expressed in his Encyclical Letter, Ex Corde Ecclesiae No. 30.

A provisional License to operate the University was granted by the National Universities Commission in May 2007. The permanent site of the University is located in Bwari, Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. However, the University commenced admission of students in October 2008, for the 2008/2009 academic year at its take-off campus in Obehie Town, Abia State, Nigeria.

The University seeks to provide higher education and balanced training in an atmosphere of peace without discriminating against or excluding other students of our society provided that they are academically qualified and socially fit to study in the University. While promoting authentic human and cultural development modeled on the person of Christ, the University champions the cause of truth and uprightness in favour of the marginalized and encourage dialogue and collaboration in human relationships at all levels. (ECE nos 31-37).

The specific objectives of the University:

  1. To provide a distinctive setting that facilitates the physical, moral, spiritual, socail, cultural and intellectual development of youths in the best tradition of Catholic Higher Education and train them to be useful citizens and responsible leaders.
  2. To be an equal opportunity Institution opening its doors to all persons without distinction of sex, race, ethnic origin, creed or political affiliation.  
  3. To utilize the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Nigerian peoples in its research for the service of national unity and the social, economic, political and cultural development of Nigeria.
  4. To advance higher learning with a commitment to the ideals of hard work, integrity, discipline and creativeness.
  5. To develop a top quality core of academic staff of world standard committed to true scholarship and research within a Christian ethos.
  6. To attract and retain top class undergraduates and graduates, and prepare them for successful lives and careers in programmes that combine academic excellence with practical skills and entrepreneurial orientation.
  7. To develop academic partnerships and collaboration in teaching and research with Instiutions of higher learning world-wide so as to expose both staff and students of the University to influences outside their immediate environment.

The operational mission of the Veritas University, Abuja is to provide its students with an integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training with physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural formation together with formation of Christian religious principles and the social Teachings of the Catholic Church. Through research, the University shall engage in the continuous quest for truth, and the creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge for the good of the society (Ex Corde Ecclesiastes no. 30). Based on Christian inspiration and Christ’s sacrificial witness, the University shall promote authentic human and cultural development modeled on the person of Christ, and shall champion the cause of justice and uprightness in society, work to empower the weak and the marginalized, and promote dialogue and collaboration in human relationships at various levels and among various cultures and religions (Ex Corde Ecclesiastes nos. 31-37). From inception, the University shall encourage and promote research and scholarship in all fields of knowledge (Ex Corde Ecclesiastes, Gen. Norms Art 2:1&2) as well as carry out teaching and other activities in accordance with Catholic ideals, principles and attitudes, while respecting the freedom of conscience of each person.

Thus, graduates from the Veritas University, Abuja, after successfully completing their studies, should be able to use the knowledge and skills acquired at the Institution for the upliftment of themselves and the Nigerian society. In totality, the University will produce graduates, irrespective of race, gender, political and religious affiliation, who would possess the following qualities:

  1. Wide and ordered knowledge in an area of academic discipline
  2. The ability to reason logically
  3. The ability to communicate clearly in speech and writing with confidence
  4. Competence in numeric and computer literacy
  5. Exhibition of such moral values as honesty, humility, truthfulness, love and high ethics in personal and professional life
  6. Ready acceptance of obligations and responsibilities; and well developed interpersonal skills and capacity for team work.